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Background's website is an independent center of information and services for DocBook publishing. The website grew out of Bob Stayton's involvement with using DocBook for technical publishing. He needed some place to make available documents and software about DocBook so that others could gain from his experiences. Eventually those efforts grew into a business, Sagehill Enterprises.

Sagehill Enterprises

Sagehill Enterprises is a private business, owned and operated by Bob Stayton. Its mission is to promote and support the use of DocBook for technical publishing. DocBook has enormous potential as an inexpensive publishing solution, but it can be daunting for beginners. Sagehill Enterprises seeks to make DocBook more powerful and easier to use. It does that through a combination of open source and business activities.Open source activities include offering free software such as LiveDTD, participating regularly in the DocBook mailing lists, and contributing features and fixes to the open source DocBook XSL stylesheets. Business activities include book publishing and DocBook consulting.


  • DocBook consulting (no longer accepting new clients)
  • Publishing Docbook XSL: The Complete Guide
  • Free software such as LiveDTD
  • Conference presentations and tutorials
  • Participation in DocBook mailing lists