What is it?

A LiveDTD is a Document Type Definition converted into a hypertext document. It is also a perl program ( that performs that conversion. It parses the DTD files and generates a copy with HTML markup inserted. The result is the exact same text of the original DTD, but with live links that let you navigate through the DTD. Click on a name, and you are transported to where that name is declared in the DTD. Both elements and parameter entities are hot linked.

For a simple DTD, this may not be very useful. But for complex DTDs like DocBook and TEI that use hundreds of elements and parameter entities, it's a great help. If you have to maintain a customization layer for such a DTD, it is priceless (good thing it's free).

Note: LiveDTD is not itself a DTD authoring or editing tool. However, when used in conjunction with your favorite text editor, it makes the editing job much easier.

Who needs it?

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