LiveDtd Demonstration

Each of these links shows the results of making a DTD "live" using this program. Start with a small DTD like the XML Specification DTD, which is more responsive than the big DTDs over the internet. See the Note below if things seem to be moving too slowly.

Standard DTDs

Customized DTDs

Here is the real power of LiveDTDs. Marked sections, multiple definitions, and extra DTD file modules make a complex DTD even more complex. But in a LiveDTD, only the real name is live, and you can go directly to it.

Note about slow response

Some DTD files are big, and they get much bigger when live link HTML codes are added. If you are viewing these files over a slow internet connection, response times may be slow when switching between files. You will enjoy browsing these DTDs much more if you go to the download section and download the converted DTD. Or just download the perl program and generate your own live DTDs.

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