Part I. Setting up the tools

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
How this book is organized
Online resources for finding solutions to problems
Chapter 2. XSL processors
XSLT processors
XSL-FO processors
Portability considerations
Chapter 3. Getting the tools working
Installing the DocBook DTD
Finding the DTD during processing
Character entities
Installing the DocBook stylesheets
Installing an XSLT processor
Installing xsltproc
Using xsltproc
Installing Saxon
Using Saxon
Installing Xalan
Using Xalan
Installing an XSL-FO processor
Installing FOP
Using FOP
Using other XSL-FO processors
XSL servers
Chapter 4. DocBook 5 tools
DocBook 5 differences
DocBook 5 namespace
DocBook 5 schemas
Universal linking in DocBook 5
Uniform metadata elements
Entities with DocBook 5
Separate DocBook 5 entities file
DocBook character entities
Processing DocBook 5
DocBook 5 validation
DocBook 5 XSLT processing
Chapter 5. XML catalogs
Why use XML catalogs
How to write an XML catalog file
Resolve the DTD location
Locate an XSL stylesheet
Map a web address to a local file
Map many references with rewrite entries
Using multiple catalog files
Example DocBook catalog file
How to use a catalog file
Using catalogs with Saxon
Using catalogs with Xalan
Using catalogs with xsltproc