XSL servers

Once you have learned how to process DocBook documents into HTML and PDF output, you may want to take the automation a step further. You can set up an HTTP server environment in which DocBook documents are processed on demand when they are requested by a user from their web browser. The server selects and applies a stylesheet, and may even run an XSL-FO processor to deliver fully formatted PDF documents. This permits you to keep an active repository of documents in source form, and they are rendered for delivery only when requested.

Here are two XSLT server packages. Configuring and using these packages is beyond the scope of this book.

Apache AxKit

AxKit is an open source XSLT server written in C and Perl. It integrates into an Apache server and includes an embedded Perl interpreter.

Apache Cocoon

Cocoon is an open source XSLT server written in Java. It uses a pipeline approach to process in multiple stages. It integrates into an Apache server, and supports Java Server Pages and database connections.