Truth in Advertising was never caught
Put up September 24, 1984 at the corner of Washington Street and Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. Covered over October 1, after being up for 7 days. Ronald Reagan had proposed his “Star Wars” missle system in 1983. He was reelected President on November 6.
Ronald Reagan appeared in eight episodes of the TV series Death Valley Days between 1964 and 1966. He was elected governor of California in 1966. Original artwork by a TIA member.
How Was It Done?
Truth in Advertising was never caught

TIA’s method allowed them to change a billboard in minutes. They used lookouts and a warning signal to avoid getting caught in the act. Only once did a police car approach, and the lookout yelled a dog’s name, claiming the dog had jumped out of their parked car and run away. The installers returned a half hour later to finish the job. For several weeks, the police set up a 24-hour stakeout on the billboards at Cedar and Center Streets, but TIA avoided them during that time.

number 11
Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 8, 1984
Santa Cruz Sentinel photo