Truth in Advertising developed a reputation
Put up November 24, 1983 at the corner of Washington Street and Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz. Vandalized on November 27 with a “Nuke the mall” addition. Restored by TIA’s “B-Team” on December 5. Covered over December 20, after being up for 26 days.
This was TIA’s largest makeover. It required eleven vertical strips, each ten feet long, to cover over half the billboard. During the installation, the billboard platform broke, leaving a TIA member hanging onto the side of the billboard as the ladder tilted.
How Was It Done?
Truth in Advertising developed a reputation

In March 1985, at a meeting of the Santa Cruz Visitors and Convention Bureau, bureau members discussed putting up a billboard promoting tourism in Santa Cruz. They turned down the idea because they were concerned that TIA would alter it. They even speculated as to what the alteration would say.

Reported by a TIA sympathizer who was at the meeting.

number 10
“Seriously though, all that unlawful paint doesn’t come close to the risk, shrewdness and ingenuity of the creative culprits in Santa Cruz called ‘Truth in Advertising’. They have something to say and are often more subliminal and potent than Mad. Ave. They are underground art heros to me, and deserve recognition. But, alas, they would surface as celebrities and that may mean the end of looking forward to their next attack.”
Letter to the editor, Santa Cruz Express, February 10, 1983