Truth in Advertising was an illegal activity
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Put up July 28, 1982, at the corner of Cedar and Center Streets in Santa Cruz. Appeared on the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel on August 4. Despite the publicity, it was not covered over until August 31, after being up for 34 days.
“Sex sells”, goes the advertising maxim. And today, ads continue to grow more sexually suggestive. The tiger gets it.
How Was It Done?
Truth in Advertising was an illegal activity

Art is famous for breaking society’s rules, but rarely does art break society’s laws. TIA knew they were breaking the law, but felt that free speech trumped minor property law. To the billboard owners, the crime was theft of advertising space. But the perpetrators pocketed no money from this theft. Instead, the stolen value went to the Santa Cruz community, to anyone who looked at the billboard and chuckled. During the entire five year run, the billboard owners never once filed a police complaint.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel front page, August 4, 1982
Santa Cruz Sentinel front page