How did Truth in Advertising start?
Put up February 15, 1981, at the corner of Cedar and Center Streets in Santa Cruz. Hit the newspapers on March 3rd and 4th, including the front page of the Los Angeles Times. Covered over March 5th, after being up for 18 days.
With U.S. support, the El Salvador army was suppressing democracy and terrorizing its citizens. By simply removing his cigarette, the model was transformed into a cheering partisan of democracy.
How Was It Done?
How did Truth in Advertising start?

Bob Stayton started TIA when he devised a method to alter billboards cleanly. His inspiration was the work of another unknown Santa Cruz artist, who neatly changed an Air Force billboard to read “Air Farce”. He was impressed. When a Coors billboard appeared in his own neighborhood, Stayton decided to take action. Earlier, Stayton and his housemates had lived in Colorado, and knew of the Coors family’s suppression of unions and support of right wing causes. To them, the billboard was just begging for a response (see panel 1).

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Los Angeles Times front page, March 3, 1981
LA Times Front page