Draft mode

When you want to print a document that is marked as draft, you can set the draft.mode parameter as described below. When it is turned on, the default output prints “Draft” in the header for print output.

The draft.mode parameter has three possible values:


Turn on draft printing for the whole document.


Turn off draft printing for the whole document.


Draft printing is off unless the element (or one of its ancestors) generating the current page has a status="draft" attribute. Putting this attribute in a book element turns on draft mode for the whole book, while putting it in a chapter element only turns it on for that chapter.

Draft mode will also print a faint background image across the page that indicates draft status. This works for both print and HTML output. The pathname for the image file draft.png is contained in the draft.watermark.image parameter, which by default is set to a web address, so you might want to set it to a local file. Or you could use an XML catalog entry to redirect the parameter's URL value to a local file.

For HTML output, be sure to copy the image to the HTML output directory where it will be expected. The background image placement is handled by CSS.

To turn off the draft watermark image, set the draft.watermark.image parameter to a blank string.