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DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide

These are unsolicited comments from readers about DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide. Many of the comments were given when the book was still under development and the working title was Using the DocBook XSL Stylesheets.

"Your DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide is excellent! We're starting the switchover from DSSSL to XSL (for HTML for now), and your book really hits the spot."

"This is a fantastic effort! Very well written, comprehensive and - best of all - *maintained* :-) "

"Thanks for writing this famous doc. Excellent work!"

"Bob's guide is a must read for anyone interested in using XSL stylesheets."

"What a great document! I had been tearing my hair out trying to get the results I wanted with OpenJade, and then I found your excellent and succinct document, and ended up using xsltproc instead -- much easier to understand with your help."

"Thanks again for your great work on the DocBook XSL book. It continues to make my life so much easier."

"Check Bob's excellent online tutorial for how to achieve what you're looking for."

"I found that your document is the single most important information on the subject."

"May I say that you have authored a wonderful and timely book. Thank you for making a PDF version available for purchase. It would have been slow(er) going if I not been able to carry your book around with me."

"It's surprising how comprehensive it is -- seems to have the answer for just about ever question I can manage to think up."

"To get the best from the stylesheets, check out Bob's excellent book at"

"Just a quick word to tell you that "Docbook XSL : The complete guide" is an amazing work. I was struggling with xml/docbook/pdf/html for a few months before I luckily found the url to Since then, "the complete guide" has been a tremendous help in setting up a Docbook-based documentation system. The result has even exceeded my original expectations. I don't know what amazed me the most, if it is the level of details in the book or the excellent pedagogy that makes everything so clear and logical."

"Finally, as with many of my Docbook problems, I found an answer in the
place I should have looked first, Bob Stayton's Docbook XSL: The
Complete Guide."

"By the way, many *more* thanks for 'the book' at Sagehill. It fills a real need and will do a lot to open up accessibility to Docbook to new users."

"Robert Stayton has written an excellent guide to the tool chain and its installation and use"

"I just wanted to take a moment to write you and tell you how much I like your "Using the DocBook XSL Stylesheets" document. I've found it tremendously helpful."

"This is brilliant! I started using DocBook XML this year with mixed results, mostly due to difficulty getting appropriate XSL bits working. I found the TeXLive CD a few weeks ago and that was quite helpful in getting TeX working on my Windows box. I haven't got around to use it yet, so I was glad to see you had noted a few extra steps that I hadn't learned. You documented at least 20 things I struggled to get working right. Thanks for such broad coverage of different XSLT processors. It has been useful to me to have several running so I can debug issues with the toolchain."

"I'm very familiar with this work. It has been invaluable. I can't begin to show my appreciation."

"I wanted to say thanks very much for "Using DocBook XSL"! It's been a great companion over the past few weeks as I've been exploring XML->XHTML via XSL."

"For everyone who is building customization layers for the DocBook-XSL-Stylesheet this book is a must have."

"A great introduction to using DocBook and XSL is Bob Stayton's DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide."

"Just for the record: Your book is just simply fantastic!!!! Thanks a lot for putting together this great resource."

"If what you're looking for is a book on publishing DocBook content (that is, generating HTML, PDF, HTML Help, man pages, etc. from your DocBook XML source), Bob's book is all you need, period."

"I just wanted to say "Thank You!" for your wonderful guide to doing stylesheet transforms for DocBook! I'm a relative "newbie" to DocBook, and it has helped me greatly!"

"Your book is really great, I'm writing my final thesis in Docbook and it is really useful for me. Congratulations!!"